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  • What's it like to have a student in Band?
  • What can we expect?
  • Is my child going to enjoy this?
  • Should we do this?

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Here is a letter written by one of our students:

Thank you for being my band teacher this past year! I'm grateful for you, the boys who were in band class, the songs we played, and my instrument. Thank you for teaching me how to play my trumpet in band class, fixing my trumpet and oiling my valves when they weren't working. I will practice when I am in high school. My fun memories were playing all the songs together, playing at a concert and practicing music with me on my trumpet and you on your saxophone. I'll always remember you and me in band class and it always was a great time.

Love, Joseph



  • Is it worth it for our students?
  • What will this look like in the future?
  • What will it do for the kids?

Student Interviews

You might be asking:

  • Will I like Band?
  • Is it hard?
  • Can I do this?

Watch this video to hear from other kids who had the same questions!


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One of the greatest opportunities for kids is to become a part of a Band program! Students EVERYWHERE are choosing to be a part of their School Band program, and parents are watching them grow emotionally, learn to take on new challenges, and get smarter!

"It's an experience I don't want my child to grow up without!"

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"Arts Education aids students in skills needed in the workplace:

  • flexibility,
  • the ability to solve problems and communicate,
  • the ability to learn new skills,
  • to be creative and innovative,
  • and to strive for excellence."

-Joseph M. Calahan

Director of Corporate Communications, Xerox Corporation

"Music students are more successful at everything they do,

and it all starts here because of you!"